High Speed Landscape

This short series was born from the trips that I make almost daily from the city where I live, San Sebastián de Los Reyes to the center of Madrid.

It is a 45-minutes journey that takes the C4 line of the Renfe train company.

In it, people who go to their jobs, students, travelers who will connect with another line that takes them to the airport, etc. But to me, what I was interested in showing in this photographic work, is that landscape behind the glass of the car, a transition from rural to urban, from trees and country houses to big buildings, connecting everything the railway context.

In my photographs, this landscape is reflected in a blurred, disconcerting, uncertain way ...

Travelers look towards that landscape most of the time but do not observe it, we only see a world of shadows and steles passing at high speed while our mind is immerse ourselves in our most mundane thoughts.

I´m Not A Robot

In the age of information and technology, a continuous over stimulation of the senses,  sight fundamentally, makes us  be controlled like machines without feeling, without souls ... the eyes that look, do not see, do not stop, no understand.

The exploration of the place we inhabit can not be activated if it lacks a ludic spur to conduct us. 

It has always been said that we see what we want to see, though in these times we could say that we only see what we are shown, mainly guided to information bombings take away from us our critical and attentive capacities, and leave us devoid of any power of reaction, thus the individual is annulled.

Photography has the capacity to stop the time, nothing moves, even the observer, there is silence, only our vision goes through the image while breacking any barriers that hold us back from empathy or feeling. 

In the project "I´m Not A Robot", the artist encourages the being to identify the being. The work impels the observer impels the observer from reflection to conscious  attention, in order  to reach the subsconscious.


Vestigium (footprint in latin), is a world full of silences, of voids and analysis; a universe loaded with questions thrown outward and to wich unlikely we will get any answers for.

Vestigium also treats the importance of the trace pillar of the present, a present that in the future will also be a footprint , generating a temporary loop.

I think solitude and silence are not bad companions because in several moments they take us away from the mundane noice that interrupts the connection with something so important as ourselves. This is why I would like that, whoever sees my work, does it in this introspective mood, and that it´s him or her who generates they own questions from my photographs.

Un Mundo Especular.

Un mundo especular is a work of landscape, where the beauty of natural environments is reflected through the generation of reflections, creating images that transport us almost to the world of dreams.


Anaga is a wonderful quaternary forest that is located on the island of Tenerife and is a Biosphere Reserve. 

The lights, the fog, the vegetation ... make this forest take on a fairytale aspect.